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Each building generates impacts on the environment. These impacts are linked to the different phases of the building life cycle, from materials manufacturing to the elimination of the waste resulting from the demolition. A significant part of these impacts comes from the energy consumed while it is in use.

The LESBAT has been acitve in the Life Cycle Impacts Analysis domain since the end of the 90s. Doing these kind of calculations by hand using a spreadsheet is a long and painful excerice. Therefore, it is useful to have performant tools to quantify these impacts. We have developped specially designed computer programs to perform these tasks in the context of our internal project. These tools have been improved so that they can be made available to people active in the construction field.

We provide different products to perform the life cycle impacts analysis of a building:

Eco-Sai is the result of the aggregation of two existing tools: Usai 3.0 (building physics) and Eco-Bat 4.0 (LCA). It includes functionalities from both tools. Regarding building physics, it allows the calculation of U-Values (static and dynamic), thermal capacity and humidity (Glaser method) inside construction elements. You can also perform a detailed LCA of various construction elements or even a whole building, including technical systems and energy consumption, acording to swiss standards (Minergie ECO, SIA2032, SIA2040, SNBS, DGNB-SGNI).

Eco-Bat 4.0 is an independant tool with which you can very quicky modelize a building and perform a thorough life cycle impacts assessment. Compared to the ECO and ECO+ modules, Eco-Bat offers numerous additional features and targets users who want a performant user-friently tool that provides them with the most detailed results available. Eco-Bat has been replaced by Eco-Sai in 2015 and is therefore not available anymore.

The ECO module
 allows the user to evaluate the environmental impacts of a building modelized in Lesosai. This free module is included in the latest version of Lesosai. It provides a basic display of the gloabl results of the ecobalance and is generally used during the sizing phase.

The ECO+ module, also coupled with Lesosai, provides more detailed results at elements and materials level. The user can easily identify which elements or materials are predominant and act accordingly to reduce the global impacts of the building.

These tools allow the user to perform an ecobalance conform to the Minergie-ECO® standard and to SIA2032 technical book.